I play both Minecraft and Minetest since the birth of both projects, usually on multiplayer servers. At this day, most public Minetest servers have features that should make it as exciting as Minecraft. There are a lot of materials to mine, many tools to craft, different biomes... and with mods we can also have mobs including hostile ones! Normally, Minetest is able to offer the diversity and excitement Minecraft does, and I already visited some servers that do so.Yet for some reason, I can't help but notice something I can't pin down to a specific fault. Even when a Minetest server has large cities, a lot of mods, many active players, or any feature you would expect... it simply doesn't feel as compelling as Minecraft. The environment feels more dull, and it gives the impression there isn't really anything to do. Obviously this isn't a critique... I'm simply confused what is missing, and how it can be improved most of all.

Please help.

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