Hi guys. OBS is dropping frames like a fucking maniac, XSplit gives me high ping but it doesn't drop frames like OBS. Like literally, when I stream with OBS my CS:GO looks terrible. You hear the sound well but you do not see any frame, like once in 10 seconds you see four frames and then you don't see shit, the sound in the background works completely fine but you scarcely see any gameplay, it's dropping too many frames.
XSplit? Looks cool as fuck but I have so much ping in-game and in general when I pick a twitch server that is close to me. When I pick USA, which is 300ms, I have no lags at all, but my stream looks bad. When I pick Germany or any other EU server, my ping is terrible and I can't play any game.
My PC Specs:
Case: Coolermaster Master Maker 5t. Power Supply: SeaSonic 620W. OS: Windows 10 Professional. Motherboard: GIGABYTE H81M-HD3. CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K Processor. Memory: Kingston HyperX 16GB DDR3. Hard Drive: Kingston Fury SSD 240GB. Video Card: Raedon R9 280X.

My internet:
Download: 100MB
Upload: 1.9MB

I'm aware that my upload speed is not that good but my friends can keep up with 2.2mb completely fine with OBS or XSplit.
I set my bitrate to 1200, 1500, 1350, every other possibility. Nothing seems to help, I've been googling it for one week straight. I literally tried everything, also, XSplit doesn't have the option of the low latency mode like OBS, but I'm not losing frames there. Only in OBS, and I tried multiple bitrates, encoding, and CPU thingy; veryfast, fast, faster, ultrafast. Nothing seems to help.

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