BF3 PC Server R25 is due on Jun 11th:

Server R25 is gradually being deployed by RSPs. Most servers should be upgraded during Monday Jun 11th.
This server update adds support for the Close Quarters maps and gamemodes.

The documentation for Server R25 is available here:

The join queue bugs that are described in the "About the Join Queue" thread are not fixed in R25, but we aim to have them fixed in R26 which will arrive shortly.


BF3 PC Server R26 is due on Wed Jun 13th:

Server R26 will being trials with some RSPs today. If all goes well, they will gradually deploy it - with most servers getting updated on Wednesday this week.

The 6-digit build ID for the new server is 964189.

- Bugfixes for the new Join Queue mechanism. With these changes in place, players who join via the queue will get GUIDs. This will make 3rd party RCON tools happier. This should also solve problems with players not being listed in PunkBuster’s player list.
- Bugfixes in the double XP support.

There are no changes to the documentation.