Changelog for v1a:
-- A bug existed with certain nvidia cards that made the skins always blue up close, they should now change colors correctly.
-- Sniper zoom will now function properly in warmup.
-- Added gametype voting.
-- Warmup should now always remain enabled after a map change.
-- When a player joined the server, if force models was used, the model was re-loaded for each additional player causing hitching. Now it will only load once.
-- Shield belt will now change color to match the skins.
-- Added a few default crosshair components.
-- Removed the drop shadow from custom crosshairs.
-- Changing the color of a skin multiple times in the menus in short succession caused the skins to increase in brightness till the other players had died.
-- The scoreboard will now function in onslaught.
-- The TDM scoreboard is now properly aligned.
-- Under certain situations, a legitimate player couldn't vote. This should now be fixed.
-- The default value for a vote to pass was mistakenly set to 100% in the previous version, it is now 51%.
-- Added option for servers to allow weapon throwing even with weapon stay on.
-- Enforcer statistics will now display correctly.
-- Weapon statistics will now show on the scoreboard in vehicle ctf.
-- Warmup will now work in instant action.

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