, until one year ago were a website with no plans of LANS,no real interest eSports in Israel and only focused on gaming reviews, previews and such content. With hiring Nitzan Dikshtein (former manager of for the manager position, they have managed to break into eSports in Israel, hosting online gaming leagues with prizes, professional communities, small LAN tournaments and now a professional LAN event, sponsored by some of the best companies in the market.

Vgames have gained good reputation in the past year, some moves were very vital. They have been working with more popular media websites such as, increased their website activity in a few fields
such as, Vgames.extreme, hosting online professional tournaments and reviewing more platforms than before. Their forums also became a home for some of the eSport gaming scenes in Israel such as Counter-Strike , Counter-Strike:Source, Unreal Tournament, Enemy Territory and more. The main fact is that they have doubled more than once the number of unique visitors of their website per day.

With all the success still had several problems that prevented them from hosting a LAN. After dozens of LAN events that Nitzan hosted, he wouldn't compromise for less than the best. Vgames already announced to have a LAN event in August, most of the details was already public when Vgames decided to cancel their event, so they can have more time to fetch for sponsors. Most of of Vgames fans were very disappointed from the decision, desperately wanting a LAN event to take place, after more than a year without any major LAN event. Though some gamers lost their faith in Vgames, and didn't think something serious will happen. Eventually those gamers were found surprised to find out that postponing the event was the right choice, Vgames announced a new LAN with the biggest sponsors to ever host a LAN in Israel – Intel, TMAX and Toshiba.

Vgames LAN information:

The event will take place on Tuesday, the 11th of December at the exhibition gardens in Tel-Aviv. The event will have two type of tournaments, the professional tournaments with computers provided by Intel, and the amateur tournaments taking place in the BYOC area, with computers provided by the participants.

Professional tournaments:
Counter-Strike 1.6 - 16 teams - 11,500 NIS in prizes

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