Hi all Israelies!

Dreamworld is a casual raiding guild on Eonar (Alliance), we have most of Karazhan on farm (need to kill Nightbane) and moving to Gruul's lair (already attempted Maulgar twice) and SSC/the Eye.

I am the guild's Raid Leader and officer (Israeli living in Finland), we have a couple of Isreali members already (although most of the guild members come from Europe - around 60 core active lvl70 members) and are looking for mature and skilled raiders to buff our forming 25man raid as well as 3rd Karazhan raid team

As casual guild, we do not force specs and usually kill stuff our way. Having many 'older' players (many with families and kids) we raid from 21:00 server time (22:00 Israel time) till 00:00 (1:00 Israel time), 4-5 times a week

If you are over 18 years old, have some raiding experience (also pre-TBC) and want to join a friendly, helpful and progressing raid guild, please contact me (Nesherke, lvl70 Druid) on Eonar around evening time and we can have a chitchat

What is required:
1. Maturity - no begging, nagging, ninjaing or epic-horny players
2. Dedication - we expect members to participate in at least 75% of the raid content on regular basis
3. Will to learn, improve and ability to follow RL orders

What we give:
A friendly surrounding, support and help our players in need (no tweaking though - you need to learn your class as you level up), rapid progress through raid content and guild support in gearing up (sponsoring enchants and socketing for dedicated raiders).

Note that we use Teamspeak and raid in English, although I slip a hebrew sentence once in a while

Please visit out forums at:

Bruchim Habaim,