Horrible women are hard to find.
But at the large to try and mind
Those creatures... things that pay no heed
To gestures or to one's own need-
I find that unforgiveable;
Though clearly understandable;
Surprisinly commendable
That they still find their kin.

Half minding those detested so
I search for something else, unknown.
Yet, living thus from dawn to dawn
Not once did shine that hope.

I seeked a gaze;
Those luring eyes
(That wit so well does hide behind,)
That thus and so do find their ways
To reach into men's hearts.

And find I did.
So well she hid, I scarce knew where to look.
And grace lapped 'round her ankles bare
And beauty sleeked her gentle hair
And charming eyes looked up to me,
And I was ever hooked.