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'"One of the more unusual chapters of the second Tiberium War came to an explosive close yesterday as the GDI Corps of Engineers detonated what is believed to be the last remaining Cabal Bunker - the tube-filled underground lairs from which the rogue artificial intelligence waged brief war upon humanity. Contacted for comment, retired war hero and former head of the Bureau of Mutant Affairs, Gen Paul Cortez, lauded for his role in Cabal's defeat, dismissed his fallen foe as "...a second-rate EVA with a goatee and a Napoleon complex." Cortez also claimed to have refused a GDI invitation to attend the detonation ceremony, citing his opposition to the current leadership's controversial Tiberium containment policy and "weak kneed" approach to the Brotherhood of Nod. Rumors that this particular bunker displayed evidence of human or humanoid life forms in suspension capsules were quickly dismissed by GDI spokesperson Arlene Shepherd..."'

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Kane has launched an attack on the Space Station Philidelphia, GDI is put in disarray because the leaders of GDI has been killed in the Phillidelphia attacks. You try to restore order in Washington D.C. which nod has taken over.

GDI gets Boyle(Billy Dee Williams or whatever) as their new directory, and he quickly assumes leadership of the military operations previously led by General Granger(Ironside).

From there on you follow a lead on the Phillidelphia attacks in north-africa where you find out that Kane is experimenting with Tiberium-based weapons.

Kane is then traced back to Temple Prime in Sarajevo, and Boyle trying to get revenge orders an attack on the Temple Prime, which you eventually launch by establishing forwardbases in the area and weakening Nod defenses.

You finally get to Temple Prime and you have to weaken his defenses for an Ion Cannon attack ordered from higher up, it is discovered that Kane infact has a stash of Liquid Tiberium. Doyle blinded with revenge orders you to use the Ion Cannon the Temple which hits and detonates all the Liquid Tiberium, producing massive explosion spreading the Liquid Tiberium and killing millions of people in blue zones.


Large unidentified objects are picked up by GDI, and Boyle immediately orders an attack on the objects, but unfortunately it doesn't weaken them, only split them into smaller still functional objects.

Aliens start invading major cities around the globe, and it's your job to secure Germany from alien attacks, until finally taking down their base of operations in Switzerland.


Meanwhile GDI has found out that infact the aliens are building massive towers around the globe, noone knows what these towers are for, what they do know is that if they are not destroyed under construction, then they will become invulnerable to any known weapon to mankinde.

Your job is to destroy the tower which has progress the furthest in construction, after you succeed GDI around the globe start taking on the Aliens and the towers.

However one is still missing but since it's heavily fortified by both nod and the aliens you are instead sent to destroy a central node that controls the tiberium associated with the alien units, disrupting the central node will effectively kill all aliens on earth.

Due to the mission being so hard Boyle suggests using the Liquid Tiberium bombs that Nod created against the aliens as they are most effective vs. the aliens

ACT V ends and you find out that the other GDI commanders were unsuccesful in attacking the only remaining alien tower, so nod now has a functional tower that the aliens has built.

Boyle is forced to resign after it is discovered that he ordered you to use the liquid tiberium bombs to destroy the aliens.

Nod Campaign

My memory on the nod campaign is unfortunately very fussy so i can't provide it as detailed as the GDI campaign, but it's roughly the "same".

You start of by sabotaging the A-SAT defenses(anti-missile defense), and then you attack the space station Philidelphia.

You proceed to attack Washington D.C. and after successfully taking the White House you are then sent out to, i think it was, brazil to recover some Liquid Tiberium related materials. Sorry for the large gap in story

You make your final stand at Temple Prime as Kane assembles the weapon and promptly leaves, after getting surrounded by GDI forces you eventually fight your way through but then an unknown nod force tries to take the temple down.

Ajay being sure it was Killian who plotted against Kane is helpless because Kane left and Killian is reporting him as dead. Effectively taking control over the Brotherhood.

Killian believes that the war in the USA has had a great cost on the arsenal at the brotherhoods disposal so to prevent the fall of nod she wants you to to level the playing field by getting a hold of the nukes.

As you secure the nukes the aliens start attacking in Australia where you currently are, and being greatly overpowered by the aliens, Killian decide to forge an alliance with the GDI.

Soon after Kane returns and explains the plan into more detail, the Liquid Tiberium was infact an event the aliens were looking for, because when that happened it usually meant that a planet was ready for harvesting.

This was planned as Kane believes the aliens, or visitors, holds a great deal of knowledge on the use of Tiberium, and as so he also knows about their weakness, their weakness is Liquid Tiberium explosions which greatly damage their units and buildings.

So having that tactical advantage Kane orders you to break the alliance by nuking the GDI base in Australia.

Killian is executed after betraying Kane, he then explains about how the towers are infact portals or gateways to other worlds, and to access it you must aquire some alien command codes.

After doing that Kane realizes that the GDI is beginning to figure out how to destroy the towers, and as a last efforts puts all the forces to defend a tower being constructed near italy.

Finally you get the tower constructed, and you are greeted with a spot in the inner circle as kane's second in command.

Scrin Campaign

As explained in the previous campaigns the aliens have been alerted to earth by the use of a Liquid Ichor(Liquid Tiberium) explosion.

They find out from day 1 that the planet is actually populated, which wasn't expected, however they successfully land on earth.


It's not 100% explained but i believe the aliens seed planets with Tiberium either with a built-in chain reaction to cause an Liquid Tiberium explosion when the planet is almost consumed in red zones.

Or alternatively to depend on the race living there to figure it out, slightly before the planet is consumed in red zones and then trigger a liquid tiberium explosion by killing each other.

Baseline is that i think they don't expect advanced civilizations on the planets as either the tiberium or themselves should've killed them.

Of course this won't be the case when someone sets off the explosion prematurely.


So anyways they find out that the planet is unexpectedly inhabited by an advanced civilization, and to ensure the completion of the treshold towers(offers teleportation between planets), they create a series of diversions on major cities through the world.

You yourself spearhead the operation in Europe by invading London and Munich.

The overlord(unknown who he is) wants to find out why there was a Liquid Tiberium explosion prematurely, as their initial reports show that the Tiberium growth is 77% less than expected.

You are led to a Nod compound where you find data relevant to Liquid Tiberium bombs and data relevant to Kane, now it appears that "The being"(What he refers to as Kane) is already in their database, and they want to find out more about Kane, so the foreman orders a full stop of any harvesting operations to find out more about Kane.

Your EVA reports to the Foreman that all treshold towers, besides one has been destroyed, and it should be our number 1 priority to salvage what we got and escape from the planet.

The foreman denies, but your EVA interrupts the communication and you are set on a mission to rescue the mothership and escape through the treshold tower.

You complete your task and you sucesfully escape from earth, but the overlord still wants to know about earth, so he's ordering a full-scale invasion on Earth.

The End.

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