I have released 2 versions today, the one being bblean 1.16 less and the other a almost complete rework of classic.jar skin for firefox 1.5 (it *could* work with 2, but 2 sucks, so I don't recommend it), in addition, a new version of my deleted edition which was recently posted, if any of the above interrest any of you people, you can find them on my site.

in general the new classic.jar changes:
barely any icons left anywhere, no images in settings, smaller tabs, tabs no longer have animations during page loading, tabs no longer have site icons, address textbox no longer contains head/tail icons, bookmarks no longer contain any icons, browser identification information reported minimized.
available in 2 versions, pentium3 (SSE) and athlon xp (SSE+3dnow), optimized to death.

that's just from the top of my head right now, but there are probably more changes but you get the idea.

I have also created a new ati driver, which differs in :
installs only 6 files, does not modify ANY registry values - aka only updates files, very useful for .inf evaluations (omega?)

as usual the deleted edition project is still ongoing not that any of you really know much about it, but maybe this is a good time to mention it ? check out the full info on my site if you want a windows installation between 70 and 40 MB

have also created a new version of cmd.exe and made substantial modifications to other system32 files for the deleted edition effort

and yhe, why am I posting sutch stuff here anyway, well for one I was wondering if any "good dudes" are around here, and besides, if tv shows, shirts and last but not least faith are legitimate, there is no reason that this is not - at least this is something from one of the members in the area...

and also I am open for requests and suggestions, criticism and various comments about any of the above, as long as they make sense, and developers on any of the above and other projects of their own are welcome to assist...

almost forgot - created a new version of desk.cpl which is a modified 2k_sp0 desk.cpl which works better on XP than the XP version...good night brothers