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    תחרות הסיפורים הגדולה של קהילת Neverwinter Nights הסתיימה, והרי התוצאות.

    אז מה היה לנו? מתוך מבחר הסיפורים שנשלח, נבחרו שני סיפורים שתפסו אותנו הכי חזק. אחד נבחר לזוכה, והשני כמקום שני. שניהם יפורסמו באתר.

    במקום הראשון: "Another Arrow" מאת Tulkas, שיזכה את שולחו ב90 ש"ח וחולצת קהילה.
    הסיפור של Rorian, חצי עלף שאיבד את אהובתו ומאז חייו השתנו.
    אל הסיפור המלא

    במקום השני: "The Story of Sir Ruben" מאת Seter, שיזכה את שולחו בחולצת קהילה.
    סיפור חייו של Ruben Blackmorrow, יתום שלימים הפך למפקד המליציה באלידן.
    אל הסיפור המלא

    אני מודה לכל המשתתפים, ומקווה שכולם יהנו מן הסיפורים הזוכים.

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    Another Arrow
    מאת: בן קאופמן, טולקס

    Another arrow, another dead one. And again. Again; again and again. Never stop. A goblin, a beastmen, a troglodyte, it didn't matter. They fell. One by one, they all fell.
    He used to sleep like an elf; slipping into the relaxing trance that renewed you. Not anymore. When he got to rest, he meditated to restore his power, but he didn't fall into the tranceץ Nothing waited him there other than horror. Instead, he fought; shooting them down one by one. This was his reverie now. He barely bothered looking what they were. In his mind they were all one: the black skinned monster; the one who had taken her from him. In his minds' eye he killed him every time he wielded his bow. A million deaths would not be enough, even though he was long dead.
    "I traveled with them for a while, until they all got killed in an attack," he told Fade once. It was almost true. If you consider ten years to be a while, which for elves was reasonable. But they didn't all die. Not at one attack. He and another survived. The one he wanted most to survive. His love: Zira.

    He remembered how happy he was when he saw her bleeding form emerge out from the mod, running with her fantastic speed towards him. Running away. And run they did; until both had no breath. And they kissed nonetheless, breath or not. Her sister, the young, innocent, shy healer didn't make it. They both cried for her. Then they cried for the others, the only family and friends any of them ever knew.
    And so they traveled together. Forever together, as they said so very often. They offered themselves for hire as mercenaries, despite their so young age of fifteen. No one toke them seriously at first, of curse. But their name spread out: the human girl with her bastard and short swords and the half elf with his bow.
    For seven years that was how they lived, constantly moving and fighting. They loved it; it was almost like old times again.
    Than He came. They were out somewhere east to Elidan, not far from the city where they would go get another job. They couldn't find the road, but it didn't matter. They found a small lake and a stream that was sure to lead somewhere.
    He saw something moving behind some bush and turned quickly to face it, an arrow already on the string of his bow. A few seconds later a figure stood up from behind the bush. It was a thin, short figure, short even for an elf, wearing heavy black robes, a hood pulled on his face, shadowing his skin and making it look almost black.
    Red eyes flared under that hood, scanning us for a moment.
    "Ah, a half breed and an inferior," said the figure in a gentle voice that somehow made the two shudder. "I guess I can't find any better in this damned place. Oh well, a sacrifice is a sacrifice."
    And with that he pulled out two short swords and charged. The archer shot an arrow at him at practically zero range, and he just ducked away as though it was some stone thrown by a kid. The human charged in return, drawing her bastard sword and short sword as the archer stepped back to clear her path and get a better angle to shoot.
    By luck she blocked the figures' first strike with her short sword and aimed a blow at his head with the bastard one. He ducked out of her way, but she hit the hood, which flew back to show that it weren't the shadows which made his skin look black. It really was black. The shock didn't stop the archer from shooting an arrow at the black-skinned foot, making it hard for him to step. The human toke advantage of that and aimed for his guts. He block, ignoring the pain. They fought for minutes, the archer constantly trying to shoot the black elf, but this was not what they were used to. They fought many mediocre opponents at the same time, not a single extremely skilled one together. He was winning.
    Then was when he made his death move. With one of his swords he flung both her swords to the side, leaving her completely open to his other sword, which pierced her head.
    The archer watched with horror as his loved ones' body slipped from the blade to the floor, dead long before she hit it.
    Blood still on his blade the black elf turned to charge the archer.
    Time stopped. Nothing moved. The archer felt the black void tearing within him, where his love once. As his whole world was turn and pulled towards the dark gash in his soul he felt the shadow swell within him. He felt it once before, when the mob was after them. Back then he shot an arrow that exploded and killed their pursuers. But it was different now. While before he felt a burning rage, now it was pure, cold hatred.
    With face lacking any expression he shot. The black elf jumped away, but not fast enough. The arrow scratched his leg.
    The human left a few cuts on him, which bled red under his black skin.
    This wound was even blacker than his skin; the flesh already dead. The archer could see the death spreading in the black ones' body. Momentum toke him further ahead, made him roll to the archers' feet, the evil flame gone from the red eyes. The archer looked expressionlessly at the body as a hand lay on his shoulder from behind. He didn't turn.
    "Come," said the old elf which he later turned around to find. "We have much to talk about."
    The archer merely nodded, barely caring, and turned to walk after the elf.

    "Rorian, you're wounded!"
    He looked aside to find Fade, then down to his bleeding shoulder and the dead goblin on the ground near him. He didn't feel the wound. He didn't feel anything but hate and anger since that day. But he frowned in fake pain anyway. Fade treated him. He thanked her with a hallow smile, which he had perfected.
    The battle was over. He put his invisible mask of emotions back on and kept walking after the group. I

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    The Story of sir Ruben Blackmorrow that in the future became the Captain of Elidan's militia

    מאת: עידו סטר, Seter.

    The story of Ruben's life begins in 1520 in the small village of Belkarhold, which lays in the north-western edge of the kingdom of Blospherous.
    Ruben was born to Largoios and Arallane, simple farmers of the land.
    Belkarhold was a small and secluded place at the feet of the Belkar mountains.
    Life in Belkarhold were passing slowly, its inhabitants knowing only peace.

    Only two months have passed since Ruben's birth when it happened….
    In those days the Blospherians were at war with hordes of Snow-orcs originating from north of the Belkar mountains.
    It was not long before the Orc clans of the north decided to pass the mountains into Blospherian soil with a goal to make a stand in that side of the mountains.
    It was no mistake when Belkarhold was targeted by those orcish invaders as peace often goes hand in hand with weakness and lack of means to defend.

    And so marching 300 strong, the orcs attacked Belkarhold.
    The village militia attempted to barricade themselves and sent a carrier to the township of Galadan with the hopes that its troops could aid them.
    It took a week for reinforcements to arrive to the ruins of what was once Belkarhold …Corpses and blood was everywhere.

    After a careful sweep of the area, the troops have discovered a small cave in the side of the mountains, in it they found 35 survivors of the slaughter that took place.
    Most of the survivors were small children and old men and women.
    With fear that the orcish horde shall return to claim the land, the Galadian troops evacuated the survivors from the cave to the township of Fort Arkana.

    One of the survivors were the infant, Ruben.
    One of the Galadian soldiers noticed the abandoned orphan and decided to adopt him. His name was Lieutenant Varges Blackmorrow.
    Varges returned to the city of Galadan with Ruben and he raised him as his own.
    The years passed on fast and Varges taught Ruben reading and writing of the common tongue and manners. By the age of seven Ruben was speaking in fluent common.
    Through those years Varges moved up the ranks, serving his Duke with honor and skills.

    One night Varges was invited to the home of lord, Orlias Shadowvale, as a reward for his deeds in the name of Galadan.
    Varges brought Ruben along.
    It was not long before Ruben amused and surprised all the gathered with his manners and language skills and Duke Orlias offered Varges a place for Ruben in the Strong-arm academy.

    Varges returned to his home after the gathering, the offer in his thoughts.
    From one point of view Ruben has a chance at greatness but from another point of view Ruben was just a small child and Varges did not wish to let him go.
    In the end Varges decided that Ruben will learn in the academy.
    And so in the morning after Varges and Ruben left for Strong-arm.

    In Strong-arm Ruben was inducted into the academy and begun his path of service and training in the name of Bloshperous
    In the three years to come Ruben learned more of languages as well history and economy.

    When he reached the age of twelve, Ruben was taken under the wing of Sir Ulrich Norall, a paladin of Kishar and a teacher in strong-arm, as a squire due to his exceptional progress.
    Under the teachings of Sir Norall he learned the use of weapons, strategy and of Kishar the just goddess as well as the paladin's holy ethos.
    At the age of Sixteen Ruben already rode by Sir Ulrich's side to battle, facing what his Sir faced with valor.

    When Ruben turned 24 he rode yet again with Sir Ulrich and a company of Galadian troops to the township of Fort Arkana to defend it against the Goblins from the west. Arkana was attacked by 200 Goblins and the Galadian troops had to barricade themselves inside. The defense held until the Goblins, to the Galadian force surprise, deployed few siege weapons.
    Sir Ulrich quickly realized that with such advantage the campaign could be lost and so he gathered few horsemen with Ruben naturally among them and rode out of the barricade, leading them towards the siege weapons.
    Making their way through the Goblinoid horde, they skillfully demolished two of the three siege weapons.
    Sustaining heavy losses the strike force continued onward toward the last siege weapon, slashing and stomping dozens of Goblins.
    They finally reached the last siege weapon and demolished it…
    The force then started to make their way back to Fort Arkana when Suddenly Sir Ulrich and his horse were shot from behind with a barrage of crossbow blots.
    Ruben quickly turned his stallion about, reaching his wounded lord. He defended his position, parrying bolts and blocking blades and spears until the troops managed to get Ulrich onto one of their horses. Together then they rode back to Fort Arkana with haste.

    Sir Ulrich's wounds were too grave and he did not survive, leaving Ruben in charge of the campaign.
    Fort Arkana lasted another week until reinforcement from Galadan have arrived to their aid.
    As the campaign was won Ruben took his dead lord back to Strong-arm academy for proper burial.

    As a reward for his deeds on the Fort Arkana campaign Ruben was sworn in the name of Kishar and knighted.

    Ruben was then ready to begin his life outside of Strong-arm, after graduating and rode to Galadan to join the militia. He served Galadan with bravery and dedication for 6 years until he was transferred to Elidan, a city in its birth years compared to Galadain, which required additional troops. And so Ruben sailed to Elidan, determined and curious of his service beyond the sea… I

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    הצטרף בתאריך
    כפר סבא
    עד כמה שזה כיף לזכות והכל, זה קצת anticlimatic. מעבר לעובדה שהייתי צריך להשתמש בסיפור ישן כי לא היה לי זמן לסיים את הסיפור המקורי שתכננתי לתחרות, היו פשוט נורא מעט משתתפים. אנשים, אני יודע שהרבה ממכם יצירתיים וכנראה גם טובים יותר ממני, אתם חייבים להיות כדי לשחק בשרתי RP, אז איפה אתם? פעם פרסמנו סיפורים בשביל הכיף ועכשיו אפילו עם 90 שקל פרס אין הענות? =\
    Cold be hand and heart and bone,
    and cold be sleep under stone:
    never more to wake on stony bed,
    never, till the Sun fails and the Moon is dead.
    In the black wind the stars shall die,
    and still on gold here let them lie,
    till the dark lord lifts his hand
    over dead sea and withered land
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    מזל טוב לבן ועידו על הזכייה.

    באמת סיפורים מאוד מאוד מעניינים.

    והממ עידו, אולי תכתוב המשך לסיפור :X
    Dies irae, dies illa, solvet saeclum in favilla : teste David cum Sibylla. Quantus tremor est futurus, quando judex est venturus, cuncta stricte discussurus !
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    חורדרה (חדרה)
    Congrats you two good work
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    מזל טוב
    התחלתי לקרוא וממש סיפורים מעניינים מאוחר יותר נסיים לקרוא
    ושוב פעם מזל טוב לזוכים
    Ornithorhynchus anatinus
    תודה לBlackJack על הכפתור
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    הצטרף בתאריך
    מזל טוב, בן, על הזכייה.
    There is no emotion ; There is peace
    There is no ignorance ; There is knowledge
    There is no passion ; There is serenity
    There is no death...

    There is the force
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    הצטרף בתאריך
    אגב, כמו שהבטחתי, לזוכים יש אפשרות לבחור חפץ מיוחד בהלורה.
    צרו איתי קשר בנוגע לזה.

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    הצטרף בתאריך
    כמו שרשמתי בן, התחלתי סיפור אבל לא היה לי זמן בגרוש עד היום, בעצם. הבגרות שלי בתיאטרון הייתה יום ראשון, ועד אז היינו כל הזמן בחזרות עד הלילה. לא נראה לי ממש התחשבו בזה, אבל מצד שני, אני רק בן אדם אחד.
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