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    יצא מוד לhalf life 2 בשם pvk2 - pirates vikings and knights 2
    במוד הזה בעצם יש שלוש קבוצות של : אבירים, ויקינגים ופירטים.
    הקבוצות נלחמות אחת בשניה, כלומר 1 נגד 1 נגד 1 - דבר היוצר משחקיות מעניינת ביותר.
    בשיחרור הראשון של המשחק, לכל קבוצה תהיה כרגע יחידה אחת (אחרי כמה שיחרורים יהיו 6 יחידות לכל קבוצה.)
    כלומר - 18 יחידות שונות ו3 קבוצות שונות - דבר שלא ראו באף מוד עד עכשיו.
    יחידה - דמות אשר אותה אפשר לבחור לשחק, לה יש יתרונות וחסרונות שונים, נשקים שונים, מהירות, כמות חיים וכו'.
    בשיחרור הנוכחי ניתן להבחין בשלוש יחידות שהיו במוד הראשון - pvk1 של half life 1 אשר יצא לפני 5-6 שנים.
    ניתן להוריד את המוד פה : http://www.pvkii.com/gamefiles.php
    מכיוון שהוא ישן כל כך (וכי הקבוצה שעשתה אותו נעלמה לפני כ 3-4 שנים, לא עודכן המשחק כמה זמן אבל עדיין כיף לשחק בו)
    היחידות אשר יהיו בשיחרור הראשון:
    berserker - vikings team

    skirmisher - pirates team

    heavy knight - knights team

    קצת מידע על מוד החדש: - http://www.pvkii.com/features.php
    Pirates, Vikings & Knights II includes a wide variety of features making game play exciting, fun, and even interesting for all those strategists out there. Here are just a few things you can look forward to in your PVKII experience.
    שימו לב ל fighting system של המוד - פשוט מדהים.
    Strategic Combat- Combat is based on an attack, block and parry system. Typically, attacking is accomplished by holding down primary fire and releasing when the player wishes. This enables the player to make slow, more powerful timed attacks, or flurries of quick attacks. Most attacks can be made in 4 directions, from the left, right, overhead and thrusting positions. Attack speed is determined too, by what weapon the player is wielding. Typically, secondary fire is reserved for blocking. You can block with a shield, or weapon if timed right. Also, if you happen to attack at just the right time that another person does, and their weapon isn’t too big to stop, then a parry is preformed where both people are broken from combat and scooted a little back from one another. After a second, they may resume combat with one another. Again, attack speed designates advantage because whoever can swing the fastest will strike first. This style of system makes swordplay and combat much more interesting and strategic for players.

    Special Abilities- There are special abilities unique to certain classes. Take for example the Berserker, who can at anytime go berserk by activating the special function key. These are listed in the Weapons section for reference.

    Unique Weapons- We have tried to stretch the limits of imagination within reason to come up with weapon combinations historically viable & unique, but also that would enrich game play and the players experience. These are again listed in the Weapons section for reference.

    Healers- The addition of Healers for each team makes game play further diverse, giving a dying player a second chance.

    Lord Classes- The addition of Lord Classes with musical instruments is a combination of a Team Leader and Musician as they would have in historical armies. In this case, the Lords are the musicians, and when they play their instruments, each team receives bonuses for all of those that stand within a certain radius or earshot of that instrument while being played. For each team it behaves differently. This also helps promote team cohesion and to move about tightly in some cases. For a more detailed explanation of this see the Weapons section under Jarl, Captain, and Lord.

    Diverse Game Modes- We have planned out a diverse array of game modes so the player doesn’t have to keep playing through the same scenario each time. Here are a few Examples:
    There are chests scattered throughout the map, and each team has a base they must bring these chests to. The bases need to be enterable for the other teams (should have more than one way in - entrances may have to be made by breaking things).
    Booty Tag:
    One chest, the player who holds onto the chest scores points. Should be places to hide, and many different escape routes from the area the chest is in.
    One or more areas in the map that need to be held by a team to score points. These areas need to be strategically placed, and allow for more than one way of getting in.
    There will be items in the map that need to be destroyed. These are protected by a team (Each team can have some to protect), and teams score points by destroying the opposing teams' item(s).
    One Team defends, One Team Attacks. There is usually a Goal or set of Goals associated with winning this map. Once the objectives are completed, the teams switch sides.
    Slay the Dragon:
    All three teams try to take down a giant A.I. controlled dragon. They won't work together, as they can kill each other at the same time.
    Each team will have their own base to defend. A.I. controlled units will be sent to each base in an attempt to destroy it. Last team standing wins.
    They are out to kill your Lord! You must protect him at all costs by escorting him to a safe point in the map. Enemies try to assassinate the Lord.
    Capture the Flag:
    Capture the other Teams Banner and return it to your base. If your Banner is missing, you cannot score until your banner has been retrieved.
    Beautiful Maps- The maps will range from Realistic European countrysides, Scandanavian Villiages, Harbors and Ship Ports, Castles, Keeps, Catacombs, Winter Landscapes, & Forests, to some not necessarily realistic maps, but fun nonetheless.

    ניתן להוריד את הסרט הרשמי של המשחק אשר מציג את המשחקיות קצת:

    תמונות מהמשחק:

    כאן ניתן לראות כתבה על המוד ב PC GAMER:
    כאן ניתן לשמוע את המוסיקת פתיחה של המוד.
    אתר הראשי של המשחק:
    player guide:

    ערוץ מירק : pvkii# @ quakenet

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    הצטרף בתאריך
    משחק גדול, אני משחק בו כבר כמה ימים. וד"א דפקו תויקנגים פה, אין להם כלי לטווח ארוך (כמו של הפיראטים והאבירים) אין להם נשק חזק מאוד או חומרי נפץ. מחכה לשיחרור הבא לעוד מקצועות! מוחהחהחהחה
    צמרמורת מכף רגל ועד ראש.
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    הצטרף בתאריך
    כיפי מאוד. צריכים לעבוד על ה responsivness של הנשקים הקרים , לפעמים בכלל לא פוגעים למרות שזה אולי גם קשור לפינגים.

    האביר מעצבן , הם פוגעים בך עם החרב גם כשאתה די רחוק מהם אבל סבך הכל מוד כיפי ויפה. מומלץ.
    .Vtarbut @ irc.quakenet.org - Be the Beginning#